On 1 July, an amendment to the Health and Safety Act entered into force. Will the changes affect you?

Education and training of security technicians

The most significant change in the law is the possibility to obtain authorization to educate and train security technicians for individuals as well. Until now, only legal entities have been allowed to do so. However, since these also included the so-called single-person legal entities, ie self-employed persons, the Ministry has decided to grant this possibility to natural persons as well.

In order to be granted the right to education and training of security technicians, it is necessary to meet the conditions defined in Act no. 124/2006 Coll. The application must be accompanied by all confirmations and other materials, such as a model project of education and training.

Changes in training

  1. Repeated training

Recurrent training must be organized by the direct superiors of employees in order to increase their level of knowledge in the field of safety at work. How often these trainings must be provided depends on the relevant legislative measures for each area of business.

  1. Complementary training

The obligation to provide additional training arises for the employer in the event of a change in the employee’s job description or reassignment to perform other work. The provision of additional training is also necessary when introducing new technologies.

  1. Special training

Special training must be provided for employees:

  1. Training based on binding regulations

These trainings must be completed by employees who carry out their work in accordance with the necessary professional competence (welder, storekeeper…)

Obligations left

It remained the duty of employers to ensure regular supervision OSH through a professionally qualified person, ie a health and safety technician, or an authorized safety technician. This obligation also applies to self-employed persons. The employer is also still obliged to keep records of accidents at work and to take care of the protection of life and health of all persons in the workplace.

We understand that it is easy to get lost in the current legislation. However, we will be happy to help you manage the role of occupational health and safety and the employer’s legal obligations. In our offer you will find comprehensive health and safety training and security services, from the initial audit, through keeping records of occupational accidents, health and safety coordination and risk assessment, to occupational health service .