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CO2 snow extinguisher

Fire extinguisher CO2 5kg – Price: 55.31 without VAT (66,38 € incl. VAT)

Fire extinguisher CO2 2kg – Price: 45.71 without VAT (54,86 € incl. VAT)

The CO2 snow extinguisher is a suitable alternative to the powder fire extinguisher. Its selling price is higher, but its extinguishing is finer to the mechanics. It leaves no trace and does not damage the extinguished object. It is therefore suitable, for example, for a server room or food store. The snow extinguisher works on the principle of the suffocating and cooling effect of CO2

Powder fire extinguisher can be used for:

  • extinguishing electronics without permanent damage
  • food extinguishing
  • extinguishing flammable gases
  • solid extinguishing
  • electric equipment

The price of the delivery of the fire extinguisher from us also includes practical holder, certificate and warranty card. You can buy the product at our sales points in Košice and Vranov nad Topľou .