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Code of ethics

The basic goal of the company’s code of ethics Jaroslav Kačmár – HasPO is to increase the moral standard of behavior of all employees, agents and co-workers and to support the ethically correct development of the company. We adhere to the basic principles that form part of ethical rules, such as transparency, fairness and impartiality.

Relationship with customers and business partners

Our Code of Ethics represents the commitment and professionalism of all employees to business partners and customers. We treat everyone equally and our priority is their satisfaction. At work, we adhere to our core business principles and strive to do more than others expect of us. We care about satisfying their own needs and interests, which are a prerequisite for a successful and lasting business relationship.

Relationship to employees

We create conditions for our employees, regardless of their position, age, religion, gender or skin color, to be proud that they work for us. We place special emphasis on personal and professional development, development of knowledge and skills of employees. Our employees are obliged to keep confidential information confidential, not to disclose or discuss it outside the company, or to use it for non-business purposes. They are committed to protecting the intellectual property and material values of the company. All employees are obliged to comply with applicable laws of the Slovak Republic.

Relation to competition

The company’s competitive success is built on providing value and quality services. We respect all laws governing competitive relations. We treat competition with respect, in accordance with the good morals of competition and in the interest of the good name of the entire industry. We create business relationships that last and prosper. We respect the good name of the competition and treat all competitors as equal partners.

Relation to security

Protecting the health and safety of employees in the workplace is a priority for us. Each of the employees is obliged to pass the health and safety inspection on the basis of Act 124/2006 Coll. on safety and health at work. Every employee must pay constant attention to the performance of their activities with an emphasis not only on their own safety, but also the safety of others.

Relationship to nature

A harmonious relationship with the environment is the responsibility of each of us. In order to achieve a high level of environmental protection and conservation of natural resources, we carry out our activities in a way that rejects the waste of resources and actively reduces the energy intensity of our activities.

Relationship to society

We care about the country in which we live and therefore we respect the legislative rules, standards and laws set by the state. We behave responsibly towards state and government authorities, the region and society as a whole. We develop activities that are supported by non-profit organizations (associations) and we are convinced that participating in projects to support them is our moral duty and a manifestation of responsible behavior.