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Fire protection specialist

Dear architects, designers, civil engineers, developers, investors, homeowners, flats or offices,

we would like to offer you the possibility of elaboration fire safety of the building for your projects. Our company has two experienced fire protection specialists with more than ten years of experience, who are always available to meet your time and quality requirements. PBS we develop for projects throughout Slovakia .specialista poziarnej ochrany PBS projekt

All you have to do is send us all the documents in electronic form. The fire protection specialist will work out the safety, we will print out the required number of steam and we will send the stamped projects by post to you. Work up we know any kind of fire safety, for production, non-production buildings and warehouses. In land or construction proceedings as well as in the change of use. We are happy to establish long-term cooperation at advantageous price conditions, to the satisfaction of both parties. We look forward to our cooperation