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E-learning: Bozp a opp

E-learning with us means practical and high-quality online training

Your employees through accredited courses

Our trainings are suitable for companies of any size. Whether you have one or thousands of employees, through our powerful e-learning platform, you can provide training in health and safety and fire protection online, via computers, tablets or mobile phones.

The result of the training is an automatically generated certificate, which serves as a confirmation of completion of the training in case of inspection.

The main advantages of our e-learning platform

  • Trainings approved and accepted by the National Labor Inspectorate
  • Easy access and administration
  • Automatic training expiration reminders for all employees
  • Possibility to integrate into your existing systems
  • Courses also in English
  • Volume discounts 

Approximate price list

If you are interested in a tailor-made offer or more info, use the simple form on the right
90 / osoba*
  • Health and safety e-learning training
  • E-learning training in fire protection
  • Training of motor vehicle drivers
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