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Employers beware, checks are starting on occupational health service!

Are you an employer, but do you really provide your employees with everything that arises from your legal obligation?

Obligation to provide occupational health service to each employee (also to the conciliator) is valid from 01.01.2015. During this period, the number of inspections by the RUVZ and the Labor Inspectorate aimed at securing this obligation is increasing, and fines are not negligible. The Occupational Health Service (PZS) performs risk assessments that ensure the prevention of occupational diseases. It focuses primarily on the care of employees in the context of long-term influence in the performance of work activities. Simply put, it has the task of assessing the impact of the work environment on the health of employees. Occupational health services also include qualified counseling in the area of risk work factors.pracovna zdravotna sluzba cena

We believe that our summary of these responsibilities will help you become more familiar with this issue.

If you have not yet secured this legal obligation, we will be happy to help you in this area . Find out more on our dedicated site occupational health service .