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Working suits

Our dear customers and future customers. For a very long time and honestly, we have been preparing a workwear store for you in Vranov so that it meets all your expectations. You will find the store in a beautiful new building right next to the main road in the direction from Vranov to Košice, specifically on Čemernianská street no. 203. The store has an area of almost 200 square meters and so we can offer you a really wide range of products.

Pra Vranov nad Topľou clothing in the new HASPO store

In our store you will find, among other things, the following products:

pracovne odevy vranov

Work gloves

Overalls and overalls

Luminescent clothing


Work T-shirts and sweatshirts

Work shoes

Orthopedic footwear

Cleaning stuff

Personal hygiene products


Eye protection

Hearing protection

Respiratory protection

And much more

What we do not have immediately available, we will be happy to order from our catalog and we will deliver it to your home or company free of charge within the city.

If you have any questions about work clothes, do not hesitate to contact us contact at

number 0914 240 619 or by means of the form to the right.

We look forward to your visit with us.

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    Michal Kačmár

    Manažér obchodu

    +421 918 505 584

    Navštívte nás


    Ulica Svornosti 42

    821 06 Bratislava

    Kontaktná osoba: Manažér prevádzky BA

    Mobil : +421 905 161 980


    Vozárova 1

    040 17 Košice

    Kontaktná osoba: Manažér prevádzky KE

    Mobil : +421 918 505 584


    Čemernianska 203

    093 03 Vranov nad Topľou

    Kontaktná osoba: Manažér prevádzky VT

    Mobil : +421 905 271 563

    haspo vranov