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Are you looking for a reliable company that will relieve you of all worries in the field of health and safety? You are in the right place.

Safety and technical service, BTS or health and safety technician for your company

We offer you a comprehensive provision of services in the field of safety and health at work (OSH), which is provided by our experienced team of OSH technicians. We try to perform our service so that you have as little worry as possible and can focus on what is really important to you, your company.

Fulfilling employers‘ health and safety obligations means much more than just regular training. Health and safety is a broad and complex issue about what you need to ensure you can read after click here.

It is the duty of every legal or natural person who is an employer to ensure the implementation of health and safety through a professionally qualified person, in this case it is a health and safety technician. Our company is in the provision of health and safety services more than 15 years of experience . During this time, we have experienced a number of specific situations, for which we have always found the most suitable solutions. After the agreement and the signing of the contract, a professional audit will take place, where we will evaluate the actual state of health and safety in your company. In case of deficiencies, we will make the necessary changes and prepare OSH documentation. From now on, we think about training dates for you, we perform inspections of workplaces, we prepare a schedule of equipment revisions and we represent you during inspections by the labor inspectorate or other supervisory bodies .

And what about the price? Each company is specific, has a different number of employees, different turnover, different risks. Therefore, we compile a price offer tailored to each customer. Request it and have it tailor-made in just a few minutes, simply via the form on the right.

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